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Full virtualization from mic to transmitter is now possible for broadcasters not yet ready to entrust their broadcast chain to a public cloud provider. 

New Wheatstone Layers introduces the entirely virtual broadcast operation, from multitouch “glass” consoles to backend mixing, audio processing and streaming into the transmitter or CDN provider. 

Its new Wheatstone Layers Software Suite runs on enterprise IP servers/computers and replaces specialized hardware, specifically standalone audio processors, mix engines and streaming appliances. One server can host multiple mix, FM processing or stream instances for several studios and locations connected by WheatNet-IP audio networking. 

Instances can be added as needed for backend mixing, FM processing and stream provisioning, processing, and metadata management. 

New complimentary Wheatstone Layers Glass Software for the laptop, tablet or other glass surface includes full-function radio and television virtual consoles with familiar buttons, knobs, and multi-touch navigation and menuing. Wheatstone Layers Glass user interfaces are also available for controlling, provisioning, and setting audio processing and streaming parameters. 

Benefits of the New Wheatstone Layers Server Suite with Glass Controller Software:

  • Best of both worlds. Combine the scalability of enterprise servers with the deep reliability of WheatNet-IP AoIP, mixing, processing and streaming software designed by a dedicated, broadcast-only company. 
  • Future ready. Runs on servers made by Hewlett Packard and Dell in use by AWS, Google and other public cloud service providers.
  • Reduced hardware and costs. Economies of scale and technology density save cost, maintenance, cooling and rackspace.
  • Greater portability of resources. Access resources from the laptop, tablet or other glass device, as well as hardware controllers and interfaces wherever and whenever needed. 
  • Increased ROI. Update backend servers at the rate of Moore’s Law. 
  • Add mixing, processing and streaming instances as needed. One server can host backend mixing, crossovers and EQ instances for five, ten or more virtual or fixed consoles.
  • Consolidate mixing, processing and streaming provisioning for several stations and studios into one server location for shared resources and redundancy. 
  • Virtual redundancy at a fraction of what it would cost to do the equivalent as a fixed studio. Back up entire WheatNet-IP studios in a redundant server onsite, complete with settings, crossovers, and network configurations. No additional hardware or studio wares required.

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