NAB 2019

Videos from NAB 2019

We shot a lot of video at NAB 2019. Here are highlights featuring our customers and our new product introductions.

New Products

Here are Jay, Phil and Rick demonstrating our new gear.

LXE, Virtual Setup, and PhoneBlade

Wheatstone's Jay Tyler takes you shows you our virtual setup on an LXE, VoxPro 7.1, and PhoneBlade at NAB 2019

Virtual Worldwide Network

Wheatstone's Jay Tyler shows you our virtual display, indicating audio and control world wide from anywhere via our new SwitchBlade AoIP appliance.

Glass LXE and Remote LXE

Wheatstone's Jay Tyler shows you Glass LXE and Remote LXE at NAB 2019

StreamBlade Sneak Peek

Wheatstone's Rick Bidlack gives you a sneak peek at the upcoming StreamBlade from NAB 2019

Strata 32

Wheatstone's Phil Owens introduces you to our Strata 32 IP TV Audio console at NAB 2019

Virtual Dimension Three

Wheatstone's Phil Owens introduces you to our Virtual Dimension Three IP TV Audio console at NAB 2019

Existing Products

Here is Jay giving an overview of Audioarts and PR&E.


Wheatstone's Jay Tyler takes you on a tour of current Audioarts mixing consoles at NAB 2019


Wheatstone's Jay Tyler shows you PR&E's networkable digital mixing consoles at NAB 2019

Wheatstone Friends

We always love to see our customers and when they want to chat, it's even better!

Rob Goldberg, Radio DNA

Radio DNA's Rob Goldberg talks with Scott Fybush about the WTOP project and other work he's been doing recently at NAB 2019.

Pacific Mobile Recorders Studio Builders' Jim Hibbard

Jim Hibbard brings you up to date on current projects at NAB 2019.

WHIZ's Kevin Buente

Chief engineer Kevin Buente talks with Scott Fybush about how they are using virtual and cloud technology with their radio and TV stations.

Dan Hyatt, Radio Impressario

Industry stalwart Dan Hyatt talks about Wheatstone processing at NAB 2019

Big Tom Lawler on X5

TJL Productions' Big Tom Lawler talks about Wheatstone processing, including the X5, at NAB 2019.

KSDS' Scottie Rice

Scottie talks with Scott Fybush about Wheatstone processing, including the X5, at NAB 2019.

Wheatstone Won a Prestigious NAB Product of the Year Award
THREE Future BEST OF SHOW Awards at NAB 2019!

MichaelAndJayProdOfYearNAB SMALL


IMG 7224

2019AwardsBAt this year's NAB show, Wheatstone was the recipient of NAB's PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award and TWO Future BEST OF SHOW awards. 

The new SwitchBlade - a revolutionary appliance that combines the power of AoIP control with SIP connectivity and codec bandwidth optimization, removing barriers to combining studio operations in separate locations - was presented with the prestigious NAB PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD in the Audio Production, Processing and Networking category! 

“SwitchBlade is a real game changer because it finally makes it possible to monitor each point of the audio chain and switch audio locally from Network Operation Centers around the world,” said Wheatstone Sales Director Jay Tyler, who accepted the award along with Michael Farrell, the Managing Director of Wheatstone's technology partner Radiomation Ltd, during an NAB reception at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Wednesday, April 10.

Additionally, Radio World presented a Future BEST OF SHOW Award for SwitchBlade! 

PLUS, TV Technology AND Government Video each presented Future BEST OF SHOW AWARDS to our brand new Strata 32. It's a TV Audio Console that packs 64 channels and the latest IP audio innovations into a 40” frame.

Thanks to all who came to the booth to see our exciting new stuff (which we had a LOT of, including PhoneBlade, X5, Glass LXE, Remote LXE, Virtual Dimension Three, and Stagebox One).

Wheatstone at NAB 2019:

It was a busy year at booth N6860.

First, we introduced SwitchBlade, a revolutionary NEW appliance that removes the barriers to seamlessly sharing studio operation and high-quality programming between facilities, sports venues, and other sites in separate locations. With it, you have bi-directional communications with codecs, phones, etc. which allow you to repurpose studio codecs as remotes while SwitchBlade acts as a multi-channel studio unit. Additionally, it provides the means for moving multiple channels of linear audio between two facilities while simultaneously providing full control, logic, and ACI implementation through your WheatNet-IP audio network. And there's a LOT more to it. The possibilities are enormous for today's broadcast world.

In the sneak-peek department, we let Wheatstone customers take a first look at StreamBlade, a solution for streaming directly from your WheatNet-IP Network.

We also showed Strata-32, a compact new TV IP control surface and IP stagebox designed from the ground-up for modern efficient audio-for-TV applications - both studio and remote. Designed to fit in tight studios or trucks, this duo is perfect for working with the current and upcoming standards that are being rolled out to the TV world.

Also for TV we had Virtual Dimension Three - a standalone virtual console that can also be used as virtual way to monitor and control your Dimension Three's TV audio from anywhere. 

In processing, we introduced the X5. While developing the X4, we kept coming up with more and more ground-breaking new features, so we decided to move right on up to the next version. And you'll be glad we did. With Unified Processing, the LIMITLESS Clipper, MPX SyncLink, FM&HD LiveLock, PPMport, Live Logger, complete system logging, and Kantar support, there are now many more ways to give your listeners the sound they crave.

Additionally, we showed the MPX SyncLink, which allows you to keep your X5 in the studio for easy access while delivering a multiplexed sync-locked FM/HD signal direct to the transmitter, completely eliminating link-induced diversity delay errors.

And with our new dedicated Glass LXE, we're giving you a full-blown LXE console live on a tablet - with no need for a Virtual Mixer Interface. Gorgeous. Or, if you need to control your physical LXE console from anywhere you happen to be, we've Remote LXE for you.

We brought  Stagebox One, a high-density I/O box that extends console I/O, providing 32 mic/line inputs, 16 analog line outputs, and 8 AES3 inputs and 8 AES3 outputs as well as 12 logic ports and dual Ethernet ports. 

Photos from the Show Floor at NAB 2019

IMG 7154

NAB 2019 Show Floor Gallery 1

These galleries will be filled as the show progresses. 

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NAB 2019 Show Floor Gallery 2

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NAB 2019 Show Floor Gallery 3

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