How-To Videos



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How-To Videos

Here's a convenient page with all of our How-to videos.

How-to Clean Penny & Giles Faders

Wheatstone's Zach Brewer takes you through all the steps involved in cleaning a Penny and Giles 3000 Series fader.


Remote Solutions How-to Videos

Here are some how-to videos illustrating how to use Wheatstone's various virtual console applications to access and control your WheatNet-IP gear from remote locations.


WheatNet-IP Navigator How-to Videos

Learn how to get the most out of your network flow by mastering WheatNet-IP Navigator. Scott Johnson takes you through the basics as well as some complex setups. 


WheatNet-IP General How-To Videos

WheatNet-IP is the most intelligent, most powerful and user-friendly AoIP network for broadcast. Here are several videos defining how to use WheatNet-IP.


VoxPro How-To Videos

Rick Bidlack - Mr VoxPro himself - teaches you just about everything you'd need to know to become a VoxPro Jedi Knight. Or, you know, a DJ who knows VoxPro inside and out. 


Audioarts DMX How-to Videos

The Audioarts DMX may be the easiest AoIP console on the planet to get up, running, and networked. Here are several videos that take you through the entire process.


IP-12/IP-16 How-To Videos

Jay Tyler steps you through everything from opening the box to getting up and running on a full WheatNet-IP network. Click in the upper right hand corner of each video thumbnail for a complete description of its content.


QuickLine Furniture How-To Videos

Matt, the builder of QuickLine Furniture, takes you through how to assemble it.


AIR 4: How-To Set Up On-Air Tallies

This video shows how to set up on-a tallies on an AIR-3, which has the same basic layout as the AIR-4.


FM-55/FM-25 How-To Videos

Mike Erickson takes you through setting up your FM-55 or FM-25.


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