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The D-5.2 TV audio console represents our top-of-the-line console for live production. The D-5.2 has lots of IFB capability and all the controls you need for live breaking news, play-by-play sports coverage or any fast-paced event.

The D-5.2 is Wheatstone’s top-of-the-line console for major-market live news production or other applications where comprehensive IFB capability is an absolute must. The D-5.2 has dedicated mix-minus assign switches for all 18 mix-minus busses right on each input channel or subgroup. It's this kind of raw capability that makes it the go-to console for election night or those large sporting events. Plus, where other consoles move lesser-used functions to an auxiliary panel or touchscreen, the D-5.2 puts all controls and indicators right at hand. Each input fader strip includes seven alphanumeric displays for quick visual feedback: current source, alternate page source, A&B presets, bus minus destination, channel mode and gain setting.

And, because the D-5.2 is a networked console, you can:

  • Assign any source of any type to any fader
  • Hot-swap components without powering down or disassembling
  • Share I/O with other networked control surfaces
  • Remotely run automation
  • Switch live, on the fly, between air and protect sources on the same fader


The D-5.2 has an impressive list of other features as well, including a “spill” function for each fader for selectively trimming levels within a 5.1 source. Just double-tap the surround mode button and six signals for 5.1 are spread across six separate faders and labeled for you; the motorized faders snap to the current levels. Make your adjustment, turn spill off, and everything switches back to normal.

Wheatstone is synonymous with the finest audio-for-television consoles available today. The D-5.2 uses the battle tested Wheatstone Gibraltar Network router technology as its audio infrastructure, providing networked I/O for AES, analog mic and line level, HD-SDI, MADI, and GPI logic in a full crosspoint routing environment. As with all Wheatstone Gibraltar Network based systems, external control from Ross Overdrive, Grass Valley Ignite, and SONY ELC is fully supported.

The D-5.2 continues Wheatstone’s tradition of building the finest audio tools for television. With an extensive feature set in a very compact frame, you will achieve audibly superior results, whether broadcasting live or in a production environment.

As with all Wheatstone products, D-5.2 is made right here in the USA in our New Bern, NC headquarters, and technical support is available on both coasts.

  • Main busses: one 5.1 program + stereo down mix (+2), two stereo program, one mono program
  • Submasters : 8 stereo, standard (can be optionally configured for 5.1)
  • Mix-Minus: 18 mono, (direct assign from Inputs) with automatic confidence feed switching
  • Auxiliary sends: 8 stereo (direct rotary control from fader channel)
  • Bus minus: direct mix-minus feed from every input fader channel
  • Outputs from all busses and bus-minus are configured within the Gibraltar Network router matrix and can be analog, and/or digital, or not fitted.
  • Two 5.1 (Audio Booth and Production Control), six stereo (5 studio feeds, 1 headphone feed)
  • Phase reverse
  • Surround pan / balance control and blend
  • Stereo mode control
  • 4-band, parametric equalizer with variable high & low pass filter, tunable notch filter
  • Compressor / Limiter / Gate
  • Continuously variable delay, scalable in frames or milliseconds – up to 667 milliseconds (20 frames)
  • All controls conveniently placed in a central facilities panel located within easy reach.
  • Multiple Control Surface frame sizes available that can accommodate up to 128 input faders.
  • 5.1 Spill: spills a surround source to adjacent faders for discrete LCRS-LFE remixing
  • Channel “Paging” function allows a 32 input fader control surface to control 64 mixing channels.
  • Variable delay on all faders and mix outputs

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