How-To Videos

How-To Videos

Here's a convenient page with all of our How-to videos.


The PR&E DMX may be the easiest AoIP console on the planet to get up, running, and networked.

VoxPro How-To Videos

Rick Bidlack - Mr VoxPro himself - teaches you just about everything you'd need to know to become a VoxPro Jedi Knight. Or, you know, a DJ who knows VoxPro inside and out.

WheatNet-IP General How-To Videos

Several videos defining how to use WheatNet-IP:

– Extending WheatNet-IP Beyond the Studio
– WheatNet-IP Driver Installation
– WheatNet-IP for TV: Associated Connections
– Wheatnet-IP for TV: General Overview
– Mapping an E-Series Console to a BLADE


Learn how to get the most out of your network flow by mastering WheatNet-IP Navigator. Scott Johnson takes you through the basics as well as some complex setups.

IP-12/IP-16 How-To Videos

Jay Tyler steps you through everything from opening the box to getting up and running on a full WheatNet-IP network.

FM-55/FM-25 How-To Videos

Mike Erickson takes you through setting up your FM-55 or FM-25.

AIR 4: How-To Set Up On-Air Tallies

This video shows how to set up on-a tallies on an AIR-3, which has the same basic layout as the AIR-4.

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