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iXOverture Software

The intuitive iXOverture Software is by the far the easiest to use in the industry; no learning curve required. It allows for much faster system design and configuration - you can create highly complex audio systems in minutes. No more dragging or dropping, or having to monitor the DSP resource meter while you design your system. Need to make changes? Easy, without having to take your system down!

iXOverture Overview

iXOverture Software System WizardSystem Wizard

The System Wizard allows you to quickly create system configurations based on the desired number of inputs and outputs. Simply answer the five questions regarding the number of inputs, outputs, logic, input and output processing and the wizard does the rest. You can create a configuration, upload to the hardware and have audio going in a matter of minutes.


iXOverture Software Crosspoint MatrixMatrix

A crosspoint mixing matrix with up to 64 x 64 can be created with the iXO. In addition to normal mixing, each crosspoint has the ability to be configured as an automixer, with multiple priority levels. Muting, polarity reversal and solo functions are also available to use.



iXOverture Software Input ProcessingInput Processing

A full set of processing is available to every input channel in the system. Dynamics include a compressor/limiter and AGC. A high performance gate along with four bands of parametric equalization, two notch filters, and high and low pass filters are also available for your use.



iXOverture Software Output ProcessingOutput Processing

Each output can be configured to have a 31 band graphic equalizer, up to 670ms of delay, compressor and limiter; or they can be configured as a speaker processor with eight bands of parametric equalization, crossover filters, two delays, compressor and output limiter.



iXOverture Software Event ProcessingEvents Manager

With the Events Manager you can quickly create a new event, which will take a snapshot of the entire systems settings. You then select the specific input channels, output channels with mix assignments, and crosspoint data that you wish to save to the event you are creating. Assign a name and save the event. Hundreds of events can be saved in a single system.








  • Easy to learn and operate, iXOverture is used to configure and program I/O.
  • Allows complete viewing and control of all system audio components: mixing, automatic mixing, dynamics, equalizers, filters, crossovers, delay, speaker processors, routing, remote controls and logic.
  • iXOverture Wizard prompts you through the hardware configuration and builds the matrix -- no compiling, no DSP "gas gauge."
  • Includes extensive system diagnostics.

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