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The heart of the iXO system is the iXO-MF Mainframe: a four rack-unit high card cage with internal power supply which has fifteen universal front loading card slots and can accommodate any of the input, output, logic I/O, and DSP cards that are available in the iXO product line. Input and output cards are equipped with 8 audio channels each. All iXO DSP card variations can accommodate up to 32 channels of audio.

A single iXO-MF can be configured to create a 32 x 32 system. Two iXO-MF’s can be linked together to create a maximum system size of 64 x 64. Multiple iXO systems can be linked together via an optional Wheatstone switch to create system sizes up to 3072 x 3072. Any input source can go to any output destination.

The iXO-MF uses the intuitive iXOverture software, which provides all system configuration and control via PC, and allows complete viewing and control of all system audio components such as mixing, automixing, dynamic equalization, filtering, crossovers, delay, speaker processors, routing, remote controls, logic and diagnostics. Once a system configuration file is created and uploaded into the associated iXO-MF, it can be controlled via third party control system such as AMX and Crestron, via computer and/or by dedicated Wheatstone remote control panels.

  • Rugged and reliable broadcast quality power supply.
  • Sturdy high grade aluminum chassis.
  • Front loading, hot swappable cards.
  • Removable vented front cover.
  • 15 universal card slots for use by:
    • MLI-8 8-channel mic/line input card
    • DI-8 4-channel 75/110Ω AES/SPDIF input card(8 mono ch.)
    • LO-8 8-channel line output card
    • DI-8 4-channel 75/110Ω AES/SPDIF output card (8 mono ch.)
    • LIO-32 Logic I/O (16 inputs, 16 outputs)
    • DSP-IP Input processing card
    • DSP-Mx Mixing card
    • DSP-OP Output processing card

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