Wheatstone Interviews the Broadcast Industry

Wheatstone Interviews the Broadcast Industry
A few months before the 2016 NAB show, as we were prepping, we had an idea. What about inviting people we know in the industry to come by the booth to talk about stuff that they specialize in? We'd get a video crew together, a professional interviewer, a set of questions for each person and we'd grab these conversations and share them with you.

We got Scott Fybush to be our interviewer and shot Sunday through Wednesday and, well, we got some GREAT stuff. Dee McVicker and Scott worked on lining up our guests as well as what the topic of conversation would be. The stories span just about the entire world of audio for broadcast ranging from acquisition to production to transmission.

We'll be spinning stories around these videos in the coming months and hopefully you will find them to be the wealth of information we have. Hope you enjoy!

Scott Fybush wears a lot of hats. He is a consultant to the radio industry with transmission being his primary passion. However, just about everything radio is within his scope of interest. His fybush.com website is a subscriber based news service that provides an insightful look at the industry. It covers his Northeast Radio Watch, Tower Site of the Week, Top Hour, and his partnership with RadioInsight community. In addition, he runs the Fybush media store and is exceptionally active in helping stations implement FM translators, including acting as a broker for FM translators (http://translatorsale.com).

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You'll hear Scott in various capacities on Rochester, NY's WXXI either as a reporter, or hosting Morning Edition or All Things Considered.

Scott's broadcasting career started in Lowell, Massachussets at WCAP and then moved to Boston where he spent five years at WBZ NewsRadio 1030 where he wrote and edited for the top-rated morning and afternoon news blocks, assembled awards entries that garnered two national Murrows and a whole slew of regional RTNDA and AP awards, and produced the station’s 75th anniversary celebration in 1996.

The Brighton, NY native moved back home to work at Time Warner Cable News (then named R News) where he won the first-ever Murrow for TV writing, small-market category.

Through all this, Scott launched, and still runs, NorthEast Radio Watch, the authoritative website for news about broadcasting in the region. He was also editor of The Radio Journal and a regular contributor and columnist for Radio World.

Scott graduated from Brandeis University.

Kim Komando Talks About Radio and Multimedia

Scott Fybush interviews Kim Komando at NAB 2016 about her new studios, and the future direction of radio.

Brian Clark – Disney & Seacrest Foundation

VoxPro engineer Rick Bidlack has a chat at NAB 2016 with Brian Clark about his work with VoxPro at the studios of Ryan Seacrest.

Jeff Berryman – Bosch/RTS Intercom Systems

Scott Fybush caught up with Jeff Berryman of Bosch/RTS intercom systems about an up and coming standard, AES70, which promises to bring IP interoperability to device control, much as AES67 brought IP interoperability to audio transport.

Steve Dove – Minister of Algorithms at Wheatstone

Scott Fybush talks to Steve Dove, Wheatstone's legendary Minister of Algorithms, about how he got started with DSP, some of the reasons we use it to emulate older gear, what what's on the horizon for processing.

Dan Hyatt's Approach To Processing

Dan Hyatt of the Radio Rescue Group talks with Scott Fybush at NAB 2016 about his audio processing strategies, designed to increase TSL figures by making stations loud AND listenable.

Kent Hatfield – WXXI, Rochester, NY

Scott Fybush takes a few minutes to interview Rochester TV co-worker Kent Hatfield of WXXI on the use of WheatNet-IP to supplement an existing routing system at his station.

Steve Lampen – Belden Corp

Scott Fybush had a chance to catch up with cable expert Steve Lampen of Belden during NAB 2016 to talk about fiber, metal, and media.

Paul Stewart – Enco Corp

Paul Stewart of ENCO talks to Scott Fybush about how AoIP and the trend toward virtualization in radio automation are a great match.

Dan Hyatt – Radio Rescue Group

Dan Hyatt describes some of the challenges facing radio stations in today's world and how his group can help solve them.

Mike Cooney – Beasley Media

Scott Fybush talks with Mike Cooney of Beasley Media about efforts to solve HD latency problems and more.

Dave Supplee – Cumulus Media

At our NAB 2016 booth, Scott Fybush has a talk with Dave Supplee, Regional Director of Engineering for Cumulus Media, about the difficulty of finding good, qualified engineers experienced with network-based technologies.

Ben Blevins - IMG College Sports

Scott Fybush has a chat with Ben Blevins, manager of technical operations at IMG, a company that uses WheatNet-IP technology to bring sports broadcasts to the entire country via 46 studios in their North Carolina facility.

Aaron Read – Rhode Island Public Radio

Scott Fybush interviews Aaron Read of Rhode Island Public Radio at NAB 2016. Among other things, Read discusses MetaPub, which will integrate other media with public radio, as well as the rapid change in radio technology over the last decade or two.

Cris Alexander – Crawford Broadcasting

Scott Fybush spends a few minutes with Cris Alexander of Crawford Broadcasting in our booth at NAB 2016. Cris tells us about Crawford's progress with AM translators as well as their famous engineering newsletter, The Local Oscillator.

Dennis Wharton – NAB

Outside the convention center at NAB 2016, Scott Fybush caught up with Dennis Wharton of the National Association of Broadcasters to chat about his impressions of this year's show.

Erik Utter – Utter Associates

At our booth on the show floor at NAB 2016, Erik Utter of Utter Associates found time to chat with Scott Fybush about consolidation, multi-purpose studios, and resource sharing.

Mike Pappas – Day Sequerra

Scott Fybush talks with Mike & Mike (DaySequerra's Mike Pappas and Wheatstone's Mike Erickson) about the importance of FM/HD time alignment and how the synergy of our two product lines can solve what has been a big problem for broadcasters.

Jerry Massey – SBE

Jerry Massey of the Society of Broadcast Engineers talked with Scott Fybush at NAB 2016 about AM revitalization as well as the changing skill set required of broadcast engineers in today's IT-heavy technological landscape.

Sam Michaels – BSI

Sam Michaels of Cumulus joins us in our booth at NAB 2016 about his work all over the country for BSI, and how IP technology has moved very rapidly to revolutionize the radio industry.

Jordan Bitz – Bitz Media

Joining us in our booth at NAB 2016, Jordan Bitz from Bismarck, ND, talks with Scott Fybush about processing on his stations, which include a low-power FM. He's very happy with his FM-55!

Jeff Detweiler – DTS

Scott Fybush meets with Jeff Detweiler of DTS at the HD Radio booth at NAB 2016 to discuss the goals and technological updates. In the process we see some of the latest receiver options and get a look at the HD Radio monitoring network that's keeping tabs on the technology's deployment in various cities.

Tom Sprague – Museum of Broadcast Technology

Tom Sprague of the Museum of Broadcast Technology gives Scott Fybush a trip down memory lane with a look at some old school TV equipment at the museum's booth at NAB 2016. He also talks briefly about an early, pioneering VTR the museum is restoring.

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