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A Comparison of Wheatstone Television Audio Consoles

In this video series, Phil Owens takes Scott Fybush through each of the Wheatstone TV Audio consoles, explaining functionality and outlining similarities and differences.

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In part 1 of a two-part series, Scott Fybush talks to Wheatstone's Phil Owens about the Dimension Three TV audio console. Phil shows us the basics: source selection, mix-minuses, and the many audio tools available on the touch screens.

In part 2 of this two-part series, Scott Fybush talks with Wheatstone's Phil Owens about some of the more advanced features of the Dimension Three television audio console. At the console, Phil walks us through the console's extensive metering, layering, and event recall capabilities.

In this next installment of a series on Wheatstone's television audio console product line, Scott Fybush has Wheatstone's Phil Owens walk him through the advanced features of the IP-64, Wheatstone's highly sophisticated control surface with an all touchscreen meter bridge.

Continuing our series on the Wheatstone TV audio console line, we go to the very beginning, the Series Four. Scott Fybush talks with our own Phil Owens at the console and gets an introduction to this entry-level television audio console.

Concluding our series on Wheatstone's television audio consoles, in this video Scott Fybush takes a tour of the D-8EX console with Wheatstone's own Phil Owens. Phil describes the additional features available on this console as a step up from the Series Four.

Phil Owens on At Home Production

Phil Owens takes us through the "At Home" production at Wheatstone in January 2017. In addition, he presents a demonstration, set up in the Wheatstone booth at NAB New York 2016 as well as NAB in  2017. On one side of the booth, a foosball game provided the sporting event, and Phil describes the equipment used to control the broadcast from a home studio on the other side of the booth, along with the advantages of doing so.

Andy Calvanese Discusses WheatNet-IP for Television

Wheatstone's VP/Technology, Andy Calvanese, discusses some of the advantages of the seamless, built-in control layer of the WheatNet-IP audio-over-IP network when used in television applications.

Wheatstone Networking Interview with Paul Picard

IABM interviews Paul Picard at NAB 2015. Paul talks about Wheatstone audio networking for television as well as the IP-64 console.

WheatNet-IP for TV: Associated Connections

Phil Owens introduces you to one of Wheatstone's TV control surfaces, and then demonstrates the creation of associated connections, an important WheatNet-IP feature that automates the routing of such things as IFBs and mix-minus feeds.

Erik Utter – Utter Associates

At our booth on the show floor at NAB 2016, Erik Utter of Utter Associates found time to chat with Scott Fybush about consolidation, multi-purpose studios, and resource sharing.

Kent Hatfield – WXXI, Rochester, NY

Scott Fybush takes a few minutes to interview Rochester TV co-worker Kent Hatfield of WXXI on the use of WheatNet-IP to supplement an existing routing system at his station.

Wheatstone's Dimension One

An overview of Wheatstone's Dimension One television audio console, covering key features and the Network First design concept.

NAB 2017 Interview: Erik Utter

Scott Fybush interviews Erik Utter of Utter & Associates in the Wheatstone booth at NAB 2017 about how WheatNet-IP functions as an audio services network in the television world. As a studio builder, Utter tells us from his perspective about the advantages of WheatNet-IP-enabled virtualization.

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Idea Factory Videos - Television Audio Products

We asked some of our folks to go on camera and simply talk to each other. We think you'll like what they had to say... unrehearsed and unscripted. Be sure to check out this series which gets into great detail about how and why Wheatstone does what it does with respect to our television based n



Wheatstone Interviews the Broadcast Industry

At this year's NAB show, we invited many people from all corners of the industry to join us in conversations about all things broadcast. Obviously, we focused on audio for broadcast because, well, it's what we know.

We didn't really know what to expect, but the results definitely exceeded even our greatest expectations. We touched on many, many subjects and heard some fascinating things about what people are doing with audio in the broadcast world. Each of these videos is a wealth of information spanning every aspect of audio for broadcast.

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